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  1. ech0

    Guide Dynamically Assign Static HugePages on VM startup/shutdown

    Introduction NOTE: This guide assumes you have enabled Hugepages enabled for your OS. Every OS is different so look up how to do that for your Host OS and then come back here. If you want to assign 8GiB ram permanently to your VM then reserve 8192 hugepages like so: $ sudo nano...
  2. ech0

    Guide DPC Latency Optimizations

    Introduction DPC Latency has always been a problem for VFIO VMs and most people never really solve it. This guide will break down what I do to get DPC latency down super low even for 2 Gaming VMs running at the same time. Here is DPC Latency on my VM. Prequisites: So how do we even test DPC...
  3. ech0

    Help VFIO Help Forum

    Use this section to ask for help on anything VFIO related. If one of the guides doesn't cover somthing or you just need help just make a thread!
  4. ech0

    Guide Optimizations for KVM/Virtual

    These are Optimizations I recommend for anyone running Windows in a KVM/VFIO Guest setup. Disable Search Index Options: Start by disabling Windows search indexing. This can take up precious I/O or CPU cycles. Open Start Menu and search indexing options, and select the result of the same...
  5. ech0

    Guide Recommended VFIO Hardware at Various Price Ranges

    Introduction I created this page to hopefully help some people decide what to use for their next VFIO build. The 2 most important things to consider when creating a build are Motherboard and CPU. I will create a list of recommendations at different price points. You can treat this as a...
  6. ech0

    Guide Libvirt XML options and what they do

    This will be a Work In Progress for some time but I wanted to create an outline of the different options you see in libvirt XML files and what the different sections/options mean. You can open your own XML file in Virt-Manager or via text editor and follow along. starting from the top...
  7. ech0

    Guide When and How to Enable CPU Pinning for Guest

    Introduction First Lets talk about what pinning your cores to the Vm actually does. By pinning you insure that those cores are dedicated to the VM. When you Pin your cores you force all the tasks on the VM to use those cores you pinned. Note: One thing to note is Pinning your cores doesn't...
  8. ech0

    Guide Using the MSI Utility to reduce MSR Inturrupts (reduce latency significantly!)

    First download LatencyMon here. Run the tool as admin and just let your system run for 2-3 minutes with the window open. You will see your system latency spike really high. This is what we are attempting to reduce. Download the utility here Run it as an administrator Go to Device Manager Click...
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    Abount Linux General Subforum

    This subforum is for anyone to post just about anything about Linux. Please use search function before posting in case of duplicates.
  10. ech0

    XML Config Share Thread

    I figured we could use this thread to share our configs. Please post your System Specs and Host OS/Kernel OS: ArchLinux Kernel: 5.6.13-zen1-1-zen-vfio <domain type="kvm"> <name>win10</name> <uuid>2c9806d3-44a8-4239-9d08-4505b40c2440</uuid> <metadata> <libosinfo:libosinfo...
  11. ech0

    Guide How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image

    Introduction This can be used to general Windows corruption that happens sometimes after botched updates. Using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management command tool, you have three main options to repair a Windows 10 image, including "CheckHealth," "ScanHealth," and "RestoreHealth," and...
  12. ech0

    Guide Manage your Docker Containers with Portainer (A Web UI Frontend)

    Introduction: While the terminal in Linux is great for managing Docker, a lot of the times it just isn't piratical or as easy as it could be. Having a Web UI makes life a lot easier and allows you tons of flrexibility like restarting a container from your phone! Installing Portainer First...
  13. ech0

    Guide KVM Host/Guest Performance Optimizations

    Introduction Here are some optization things you can do to improve the performance of your KVM Guest. This section focuses on Host-side optimizations but you can follow the Windows Guests section below this post to improve Guest OS. Optimizing the Host: When following my VFIO guide make sure...
  14. ech0

    Guide Syncing data between Seedbox and Home Server with Max bandwidth

    So most of you have heard of and probably used solutions such as Syncthing and simlar solutons. The problem is the solutions are inheritly flawed and limited as they use TCP connections to sync data. TCP is usually Unicast. This causes issues when handling tons of data like hundreds or even...
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    CPU-Z/HwInfo like programs for Linux

    Here are a couple CPU-Z and HwInfo like programs for Linux CPU-X I-Nex
  16. ech0

    Guide Overclocking in Linux

    WORK IN PROGRESS Introduction So you want to overclock but you use Linux as your main OS and you hate that Windows gets all the cool utilities and support for overclocking. In this guide I am gonna show you how to overclock using both the Terminal AND a GUI tool as well! Intel Systems First...
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    About Windows Gaming Forum

    Discuss all things Windows gaming here. If you need help getting a game to run use the tag "help". If it is new tag it as "news".
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    About Linux Gaming Forum

    Discuss all things Linux gaming here. If you need help getting a game to run use the tag "help". If it is news related tag it as "news".
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    Guide Safe Registry Tweaks to speed up Windows 10

    Introduction This Registry script can be used in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and later OS without any problem. If you are worried what this registry script is going to do in your system, here is a description of all the tweaks included in the file: Tweaks...
  20. ech0

    Libary Manager for Steam/Origin/Uplay

    Here is a Library Manager for Steam, Origin, Uplay. I have a Games Library on my Nas that i store backups of my games on. 1. Install SLM 2. Use SLM to create a library for each platform on your Backup NAS or Drive 3. Click and Drag your games...